Wood planes hand planer Woodworking 3-1/2inch 90mm wood shaver

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Product description:
Size: 3-1/2"
BUILT TO LAST: Durable Hardened & Tempered 1 inch Width Steel Cutting Blade; Die Cast Aluminum Base; Polished Solid Steel Frame
EFFICIENT: More Detailed than a Larger Planer
ADJUSTABLE: Miniature Planer Can Be Adjusted to Help You Find Correct Cutting Depth
MULTI-USE: Great Tool for Craftspeople; Use for Basket- and Model-Making, Cabinets, Shaving Chamfers, Soft Wood
CONVENIENT: Just the Right Size for One-Handed Use & Quick Beveling; Contoured Shape for Easy Grip.
THE GREAT NECK SAW LSO 3-1/2 INCH LSO MAKER PLANE is a tough little tool that can outperform a larger wood planer. It’s perfect for use in craft, hobbies, and model-making projects of all kinds. The razor-sharp blades slice through wood with ease and comes right out of the box sharp and ready to use. Start your projects right away with this nifty handheld tool that can be much more detailed than a larger planer, and give you access to hard-to-reach spots that a larger planer might not be able to reach. QUALITY The die cast aluminum base and polished solid steel frame provide durable construction and a quality product that will last for a lifetime. Use for any small woodworking projects as well as shaving perfect chamfers and flawless cabinets! A MUST-HAVE IN ANY TOOLBOX, this amazing multi-use little wood planer is perfect for any small project as well as home improvement projects like cabinets, narrow faces of soft wood, and quick beveling for a beautiful and professional DIY project!


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wood planes

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